K V Electrical Services (Bristol) Ltd offers a complete fire alarm system design installation and maintenance service in accordance with BS5839 , Fire alarms form an essential safety system within most modern domestic and commercial infrastructures so Whatever the size and complexity of the fire detection system – either networked or a standalone system for small, large, single or multiple sites, K V Electrical Services (Bristol) Ltd has the required expertise.

When a fire alarm installation is required the customer or organisation is often faced with a bewildering array of decisions. For example, is compliance with British Standards necessary? If so, is it B.S.5839 Part 1 or Part 6? Is B.S.6266 or B.S. 7273 relevant? What category of system is called for? M, P or L? Type 1, 2 or 3? What grade of system is required? A – F? Is the system to alert the fire brigade and if so by what method? K V Electrical Services (Bristol) Ltd can assist with all of these questions and many others, as well as liaising with the local fire officer and insurers as necessary.

In a few short minutes, fire can destroy a home or office.

The dangers of smoke inhalation are well known, and fire itself can quickly block exit routes, trapping people inside a building within no time at all.

The end results of a house or office fire can be truly tragic, yet the cause is largely preventable with the right equipment. In particular, a suitable fire alarm is an essential to keep a building’s occupants safe.

A fire alarm is a smart investment for any domestic property or commercial premises.

With decades of fire safety expertise, K V Electrical Services (Bristol) Ltd will advise you on the best way to protect your loved ones and possessions from the risks of fire and smoke.

Domestic Fire Alarms

K V Electrical are experts in designing modern fire alarm systems that are affordable for homeowners and last a lifetime.

The equipment we install meets all current British standards for domestic fire alarms, and our specialist installers will advise on designing a system that covers all areas of your property. On the day of installation, we strive to work quietly and without causing mess in the home.

Once installation is complete, we will give you all of the necessary safety certificates so that you have proof of the capabilities of your alarm for the relevant authorities. K V Electrical can offer alarm maintenance and testing at regular intervals to ensure you’re always protected.

A good fire alarm system will also be of interest to prospective buyers when you come to sell your home, so be sure to point it out.

Commercial Fire Alarms

K V Electrical supply and service fire alarms throughout the south west and nationwide. Our alarms comply with health and safety legislation and ensure the wellbeing of your staff.

Our professional installers will visit your premises to design a fire alarm that protects stock, equipment and other assets. During installation, we’ll generate minimum disruption so that your staff can get on with their day.

Speak to K V Electrical for a price quote today.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

After installing your chosen fire alarm in your home or office, we will also provide on-going maintenance.

We will carry out the necessary inspections to make sure your alarm is continuing to function as it should. In the unlikely event that you should experience any technical glitches, we’re available to fix any problems when and where they arise.

Need Help Fitting Fire Alarms? Get in Touch Today

If you are looking to install a fire alarm in your home or office, get in contact with K V Electrical.

Our expert team is on hand to answer any queries you have about our fire alarm installation service, and to discuss your options.

Should you also require it…we can also provide you with emergency lighting services if needed.


Burglar alarms and intruder alarm systems are a worthwhile investment for the ongoing security and protection of your home, family or business. They are also a proven deterrent against burglary and crime.

K V Electrical Services Ltd is able to design and provide intelligent yet simple to use systems. We liaise closely with leading Intruder alarm equipment manufacturers to ensure that only the highest quality equipment is installed. These systems can meet any requirement, be it a small domestic system of less than 8 zones or a large multi-functional site with over 500 zones. All systems are installed strictly within EN50131 guidelines.

An Insurance company-approved ‘SSAIB Certificate of Conformity’ will be issued upon completion of all intruder alarm installations.

There are many different types of burglar alarm system available for domestic and business use, but they can be broadly categorized into two main groups:

Bells only alarms

Monitored alarm system (Dual Comm or Redcare)

There are various monitoring formats available. These range from a straightforward ‘Digital communicator’ option (which alerts a 24-hour monitoring centre) to the more advanced ‘Redcare GSM’ system (which constantly monitors your alarm system via a BT line). K V Electrical Services LTD is able to offer alternative packages to Redcare using Dual Path Signalling Technology that doesn’t require a BT line. You could also make average savings of up to 50% per year using such a package.

CCTV Systems

Vast Improvements have been made in the CCTV industry over the last couple of years. One of the biggest has been the introduction of easy-to-use Digital Video Recorders (DVR). K V Electrical Services LTD is able to provide high quality CCTV systems to suit any requirements and/or budgets. Remote viewing of cameras via broadband now makes it possible for clients to view their site from anywhere in the world! A full demonstration is available free of charge on any of the systems we quote.

IP CCTV Systems

Where buildings are unable to accommodate hundreds of metres of new cable, it is now possible to install CCTV cameras that sit directly on an existing Local Area Network (LAN). These IP (Internet Protocol) cameras can be viewed from multiple work stations via a simple to install, easy-to-use software package.

Access Control Systems

Restricting access to your workplace or home can be of the utmost importance. K V Electrical Services LTD is able to provide a wide range of audio/visual systems ranging from simple standalone systems to advanced software-based systems that are capable of monitoring and restricting access to individuals in the work place.

K V Electrical Services LTD is also able to supply and install Nurse Call and Automated Gate systems upon request.